Niche Site 1 Overview & Earning Flow

That is not my first site but now top in the list.

That is basically a Technology Blog that covers Technology related stuff. Most of the content is Question/Answer type keywords.

Question/Answer type keywords like How to? Can we? Do you? and many other question extensions.

When I started this blog?

I started this blog back in November 2018. The ranking flow is not extraordinary but i am satisfied with the performance of the website. Here is how I published a number of articles each month.

Nov 201810 Articles
Dec 201807 Articles
Jan 201908 Articles
Fab 201908 Articles
Mar 201905 Articles
Apr 201911 Articles
May 201903 Articles
June 201909 Articles
July 201911 Articles
August 201910 Articles
Sept 201911 Articles
Oct 201906 Articles
Nov 201911 Articles
Dec 201904 Articles
Jan 202005 Articles
Fab 202001 Article
Mar 202011 Articles
Apr 202008 Articles
May 202002 Articles
June 202016 Articles
July 202007 Articles
Aug 202003 Articles
Sep 202005 Articles

Total Articles 172

Average word count 1500

80% of the Articles on-site are informational and 20% Affiliate, so that makes a great combination for search engines.

The site is growing from the start and bypassed every update except this Google core update of May 2020 where 10000 sessions reduced.

Keyword Research for this site

I usually do not focus on any tool, google suggestion sheet works perfectly for me. Like writing this kind of query.

How drones….

Do drones….

More i have discussed my keyword research strategy here.

Off-page and Social Signals

I did not make any backlinks for the first 5 months. After 5 months I started with profile and forum links. I tried to focus on the branding of my website. Even in forums, I did not link my blog posts.

From January 2020 i am investing 20% of my earning in guest posts.

I did not make any PBN, domain redirect or any other black hat technique for this site.

Pinterest and Facebook are two major social platforms to get traffic and social signals. Unfortunately, I did not focus on social platforms at the start. I made a Pinterest account and Facebook page in November 2019. Now the Facebook page has 975likes and Pinterest with 70k Monthly visitors. Both platforms help in traffic and social boost.


The site took 1 year to reach 100k monthly page views. Here are some screenshots of monthly traffic.

Earning and Monetization Platform

Currently, the site is monetized with Adsense but I am going to move on Adthrive next month. Except for Adsense, I am using Amazon and Commission Junction for Affiliate articles. Out of 20% of articles, only 2 Articles are ranking on the first page.

Last Month Earning screenshots attached

Ads Earning

Affiliate Articles Earning

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