7 Proven Tips to Get Your First Order on Fiverr in 2022

Are you struggling to get your first order on Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance platforms. According to Similiar web, around 57 Million People visit Fiverr monthly. These numbers are increasing day by day.

An increase in number is a possibility that Fiverr is saturating with new sellers. Saturation in sellers does not justify that there is no space for new sellers. You just need some extra skills to rank better on Fiverr.

Getting an Order on Fiverr can be tricky. There are some tips by Fiverr officially and others by sellers. Here we will discuss both in detail.

How to Get your First Order

The first, important thing is the completion of the profile before looking for the first order. Here are a few things to cross-check before we move on tips.

1.Set your Original Profile Image

Make sure to add your passport size image with a clear face. Avoid using text or random images from google or royalty-free stock. Images with a dark background and high resolution are perfect to use.

2. Set Bot Friendly Permalink

Most of the time we create a long permalink exactly with the title. You can add multiple keywords in your title but your Permalink should be seed keywords. Let’s understand with an example.

EXAMPLE: If you are making ”Onpage SEO” gig with the title ”I will do WordPress on-page SEO with Yoast” Here you used three search suggestions

on-page SEO

WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO

But in the permalink, it should only be on-page SEO

3. Catchy Gig Description

Catchy gig description is part of three subjects

  • Appealing First line
  • Introduction
  • Service features
  • Close with bonus

After clicking on your gig, the first line is where the buyer interacts with your gig. It should be a line to tell your expertise or a line to show how important is this service for buyers. Here are some ”Appealing first lines” to consider as an example.

The next step is an introduction, It should not be a long essay or a research paper Abstract. The introduction should be a maximum of two lines of your gig description.

It would be more snappy if you add both introduction and importance of service in these two lines, here are some examples of introduction.

The next step is to enlist all service features, Start from some common features and end with technical stuff. Like if I am providing technical SEO services, I will start features from ”search engine submissions”, analytics setup and end with Schema and Core web vital fixing.

Here is a real example

The last step is to close with a bonus. Like in some cases buyers open multiple gigs and in the same service, features can be the same. That is the time when buyers look for the best. The last Bonus line can increase your win percentage.

4. Promote Gig on Social Media Platforms

Fiverr suggests promoting your gig right after creation. However, many sellers say it did not work for them.

Does it relate?

When You Don’t see anything wrong in anything you do, then you are doing everything wrong

Richmond Akhigbe

The best way to promote your gig is in the right community. If you post a link to your gig in a random entertainment group, no one is going to click it.

Facebook, LinkedIn, tumbler, quora, Twitter, and other social networks have many service-related communities.

The first two clients I worked with were from a Facebook SEO group, and they have now become permanent clients.

So what Actually to do?

Instead of sharing your gig link in groups or your profile, give a proper description of what you are going to offer, and if they hire you through Fiverr, you will give them a 30% discount and a bonus.

There are lots of sellers asking for Fiverr impressions and clicks these days, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Fiverr wants to bring orders from social media platforms and promote its brand.

5. Send Buyer Requests

There are two types of buyers who submit buyer requests.

  • Those who don’t know exactly what their project is or have multiple projects
  • Those who are unfamiliar with Fiverr

There is no exact time like when these buyer requests will appear. So when will they appear exactly?

On Fiverr, 70% of buyers are from the United States. Therefore, most buyer requests show in the buyer’s office time, such as 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM in the US. Convert this time to your local time.

A buyer request is the best way to pitch a client for your first order.

In 90% of cases, sellers prepare a generic buyer request description and paste it for every project. If a buyer posts a buyer request, that means he already has a clear idea of what he wants, so always pitch exactly what he is looking for.

Experiment with Buyer Requests

A few days ago, I posted a buyer request for a” Keyword research project ” and I quoted one thing at the end of the description. The seller should include a “dot-dash” at the start of their bid.

85% of sellers did not include that word in their bid, which shows they did not even read my description

Although 5% included that word, they did not understand my project and their bid was irrelevant

7% of sellers included that word, but their bid was not catchy

There were only two sellers who were able to finish this project

So, always read a complete description of the project. Start with the name of the buyer to personalize. Quote a few lines from his description, then provide a quick solution.

6. Stay Online

At the beginning of your Fiverr career, stay online. Fiverr provides rising talent with some other opportunities.

Keep yourself online in US time since most buyers like to chat before placing an order. Fiverr provides an online seller filter to ease buyers. If you are online and the buyer sets the online filter, you are more likely to get clicked.

Fiverr is available on your play store. You can download the app to your mobile device, but I recommend staying online on your desktop.

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