6 Best Cryptocurrencies  Under One Cent in 2022

The Crypto world is a strange and “very” unpredictable world. If there are some solid chances of earning a good return on your investment, there are some high chances of losing money as well.

Therefore, it is often advised to start with the cheapest currency. When the currency would be the cheapest, you would be able to purchase and trade more.

However, if you choose to invest in an expensive item, there would not be much to trade.

There would not just be fewer currency to enter the market but fewer chances to learn and grow as well.

Learning is not all you need, you should be able to keep going as well. Therefore, investing in the right Cryptocurrency is super important.

The Crypto world offers several cheapest currencies however all of them are not worth the money and trade.

As per the experts, here are a few of the best cheapest Cryptocurrencies to invest in;

Best Cryptocurrencies Under One Cent

The best Cryptocurrencies under one cent in 2022 are believed to be;

  • Reef – Best for liquidity exchange, transactions fees, and governance
  • VeChain – Best to enhance the supply chain management and Business purposes
  • Stellar – Best for low cost, simple, and quick transactions
  • Chilliz – Best for gaming platforms or NFTs
  • Dogecoin – Best Cryptocoin to transfer money and make payment for goods and services
  • Polkadots – Best to transfer data, apps, and tokens across multiple blockchain

1. Reef

If considering and purchasing the cheapest Cryptocurrency is your concern, there may not be a better option than “Reef”.

It is the same Cryptocurrency that has been noticed to be highly compatible with MetaMask, WalletConnect, Torus, and WalletLink.

Moreover, it is also the same Cryptocurrency that can be converted to Reef Token and be transferred into a different blockchain.

As per the Growth Reports, this cheapest Cryptocurrency would move around $0.021 in 2022. Reef might have or have not worked for most of us in the past.


However, people have earned a handsome amount of money by investing and trading Reef in 2021. It is being believed that 2022 will also be a “Reef” year.

The Reef is simply not only the cheapest Cryptocurrency available, but it is also rewarding in other senses as well.

What’s most worth mentioning about Reef is that it’s EVM-compatible for smart contracts with not only low fees but high scalability, and a breathtakingly amazing user experience as well.

2. VeChain

VeChain is also believed to be another cheapest yet best bet for beginners as well as advanced Crypto traders.

According to the technical analysis just like the above-mentioned option, investing in VeChain in 2022 would not be disappointing at all.

VeChain is the CryptoCurrency that was built in 2015 by a former chief information officer (CIO) of Louis Vuitton China named Sunny Lu.

VeChain was and still is probably the first blockchains built to cater to the needs of the enterprise-level clientele.

The said Cryptocurrency was built to improve supply chain and product lifecycle management. The most convincing part of the VeChain.

If you have been away for a while, it must be communicated here that VeChain has been $7.9 and even 25 cents in the previous years.

However, this year the price has significantly been reduced. As per the assumptions, the VeChain will remain below $0.056 this year.

3. Stellar

Stellar is not just a cheap CryptoCurrency but the most promising one as well. It’s one of the reasons why most Crypto traders prefer investing in Stellar.

Stellar has got all the features to be considered. However, it is most known for its low fees, fast transactions, and secure environment. All these make Stellar worth considering and worth investing in.

Stellar is rewarding in many senses yet it has made traders struggle with a few things as well.

Most traders have complained that Stellar does not have complete decentralization as it relies on nodes run by large organizations.

If finding the cheapest currency to invest in your concern is to invest in the latest trends, this is the best bet.

Despite the hate, it still rules the hearts of millions of advanced Crypto traders for a variety of other reasons.

One of the major reasons for Steller’s popularity is that it has a payment network. Stellar Lumens are used as a currency on the network.

4. Chiliz

Chiliz, the cheapest Cryptocurrency, can be a profitable option for Crypto trading in 2022 as well.

This undervalued Cryptocurrency has been described as the “best” blockchain platform for the gaming platform or NFTs.

The founder company of this blockchain platform is in partnership with Juventus, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, and PSG clubs. Therefore, there is no reason why it would not be suitable for gaming platforms or NFTs.

Chiliz is no doubt an undervalued Cryptocurrency unfortunately, it can not be said with 100% surety that the investment would give a handsome return.

It’s just an assumption that Chiliz would be a smart choice for 2022. However, 2019 and 2020 was not a very disappointing year for all the Chiliz traders.

Since this post is being written to introduce you to the undervalued Cryptocurrencies, therefore the list would not be complete without it.

5. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is not only an undervalued trading option but a “very” well-known Cryptocoin.

This popular worth trading CryptoCurrency was created by software engineers named Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

It was created while making fun of the wild speculation in Cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, the founders called it a “meme coin” first, later it started being called a “dog coin”.

As time passed by, the name evolved to “Dogecoin”. Now it is known in the market as ” Dogecoin”, only a few traders know it used to be a meme coin.

At this point, this undervalued Cryptocurrency is worth $0.33 and there are some speculations that it would fall to $0.28 by the end of 2022. Even if the value has not fallen to $0.28, the Dogecoin still is quite cheap to invest in.

6. Polkadot

Polkadots is not only the cheapest Cryptocurrency but a blockchain platform as well. It is one of the few Cryptocurrencies that allows for distributed computing.

Polkadot is the same rewarding Cryptocurrency that gives the token holder an unlimited authority over the convention.

It said Cryptocurrency is still very young. Therefore, investing in Polkadot would be a bit risky.

However, still more and more advanced Crypto traders are investing in the said Cryptocurrency.

As per the experts investing in Polkadot would be rewarding in the long run. The reason why it is being believed and said so is that Polkadot has already shown some quality results in resolving the problem of interoperability.

These were the few popular highly reliable Cryptocurrencies that do not even cost you a whole cent.

The Cryptocurrencies that cost a cent or a bit more are also cheap and worth considering.


The slightly expensive yet affordable and highly reliable options are Chainlink, Sandbox, Enjin, BAT, Moonriver, Avalanche, Zilliqa, Basic Attention Token. Since this post is about Cryptocurrencies that do not even cost a cent, we decided not to go off-topic. Lastly, I hope you find this brief post helpful.DAI is another good investment.

Do not solely rely on any of the information provided here, do a little research and find out affordable and highly suitable options yourself as well.

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