7 Months to Hit 4 Figures / Per Month

A micro niche with a monthly income of 800 dollars was listed on Motion Invest. Using its listing description, I checked its backlink profile and extracted its top pages. My first 20 keywords were these top 20 articles.

Keywords Research: 20 keywords from top pages. I used keyword chef (its paid tool but you can enjoy 1000 credits with new mail, 1000 credits are enough for one website informational keywords) for informational keywords.

Domain Name: The domain name listed on motion invest was a partial match, but I chose the brand name instead. In addition to being easy to flip, brand domains have a lot of potential for expansion. In the last two years, I have flipped four sites, all brand domains. I only cover one topic ((you can say micro niche) and flip, but always choose brand domains.

Content Coverage: I aimed to complete all articles related to this topic. 85% of the keywords on the site are informational and 15% are commercial. Here is a content flow

  • May: 20 Articles
  • June: 25 Articles
  • July: 17 Articles
  • August: 22 Articles
  • Sept: 18 Articles
  • Oct: 20 Articles

In the last 7 months, the site survived every update, but surprisingly updates had no positive impact too. I sold the site in November. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the website

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